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SEO’s Dilemma Link Building vs Content Marketing

In web marketing, people face many problems, and in difficult situations, they have no idea what decision they have to follow link building vs content marketing.

One problem majorly web marketers face is choosing quality link building and keyword research from the start or spending some time and money in content marketing.

The primary difficulty that Many search engine optimizers or marketers face is to get rankings in Google. What should do SEO Keyword targeting and link building or think about content marketing structures for better rankings? We will discuss both of these. 

Link Building

In link building, we do some keyword research after competitor analysis to target. We check keyword difficulty tools and look at how people are ranking on these keywords in search terms.

We do some other SEO factors like On-Page optimization, but most people try to get backlinks to get rankings. 

Many people in SEO are doing the same practices as they are doing in the past.

They go and get backlinks from different resources like outreach, competitors backlink, or many other link opportunities around the internet.

After that, rankings move up slowly because backlinks are still many search engines like Google.

If they get more qualitative links than competitors, there are good chances to rank over competitors.

Content Marketing

Another side is content marketing, and this is a very different approach. With this approach, we have to view things like, who is our targeted audience? Who the people of this group? What are they looking for, like services, products? Or what kind of platforms they use to discover content.

Many platforms they can use, like social media, maybe blogging they read, may follow some brands on Twitter or Facebook, all this content people search on different platforms and google searches. Perhaps people use videos on youtube to explore things.

 After getting ideas from the audience, we create content that is useful for our targeted audience. We create content according to our audience. It may b in the form of videos, blogs, emails, whatever it is.

Then we start to target our audience from google or promote content on social media, and we are going to reach all this community.

We can expect an increase in traffic if we produce content according to our user intent. People will start following on social media people will subscribe to our email or YouTube channels. More people following means more people personalized to our content. We repeat that process repeatedly, and once we feel our audience is enough, we start creating new content.

Many people say that we get many links but still no improvements with the product. These people are those who don’t have social media accounts, youtube videos. Users may not be interested in this type of product because they don’t have any social or video proofs. We have to spread more content around the internet world because content marketing is beneficial in todays internet world. 

People don’t think and stick to old practices because they have resulted in the past. Even things not working as they worked in the past, this is what things get dangerous.

Google algorithm is smarter now, and they check many things even in backlinks like anchor text root, domains, keyword in the anchor text, and content on the page that you are pointing in your anchor text.

If your SEO team and content marketing teams have the right strategies and update themselves with google, your rankings increase day by day.

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