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How to Craft the Best Damn E-commerce Page on the Web


There are some important Elements for a Best Damn E-commerce pge

  • Navigation
  • Information of our product
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Engagement
  • Links


By using the navigation technique, we give information to the user where he is now on the website and navigate the user to other pages. If someone wants to know about the company, he will simply click on “about us” in the navigation list.

You can make a great impression on a user and engage your user to your E-commerce page by showing navigation at the top of your page. 

It is also helpful for the user if he wants to know about products and collection of website.

It’s better if we add any of the essential questions in navigation that make our page more users friendly

Information of our product

Try to add clear short product information that helps people to know about the product.

Add video about the product that clear the characteristics of a product, give structural details like name photos/Video and price also add a clear option to buy the product.

Just ad  one of a characteristic of your product, like color and other things in checkout page like free shipping size, etc. 

Our target is to increase sales, so add the straightforward path to purchase. A detailed description of the features of the product helps the user know exactly what to expect about it. 

It’s better to add Frequently Ask Questions to optimize your page. 

We may add extra details under scroll more, See more, that make your page more friendly, but also avoid adding extra and unnecessary content because too much content will affect the speed of our E-commerce page.


We have to use the same search phrases that our audience is used to search for a specific product. Keyword analysis is an important and very first process, so we have to make sure that our audience is searching for the same key phrases. 


Content is what is on this page, and we have to optimize our content according to Google search terms because Google ranks the content that solves the user’s problem. To optimize the content on the E-commerce page according to Google’s format that can read.


We have to engage our audience to spend more time on our E-commerce page and click on checkout.

If a user comes to our page and returns to the search engine to approach our competitors, it will increase our bounce rate, and Google will push back our website in rankings. By optimizing these things, we can make our content more engaging.


Our links come from Blogs, High-quality directories, Articles, Forums. If all these links are coming from high authority domains having good anchor text of our product, they will also improve our rankings.

If we use these things properly, we will have the best Damn E-commerce Page on the Web.

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