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No One Pays Attention to Your Marketing

Have you ever receive a bunch of Emails from different websites. We will discuss in detail why no one pays Attention to Your Marketing, to our marketing. Is it because of brand fatigue?

For example, if we sign up for a website just like a newsletter and want to buy houseplants, my house has no greenery. The first inbox from the newsletter is Welcome to Newsletter.

And then maybe the next day or the same day you receive the next inbox, Hey meet our new hires or meet our new staff.

Is that ok for us because we sign up for houseplants but hitting inboxes about their company?

The next inbox may be Best Summer Ever Event, a little ok with that mail. Maybe there is an event, but it’s useless information for us.

Many other factors may cause to no one pays Attention to Your Marketing we discuss below

Brand Fatigue

It’s not just messages, Frequency of messages also disturb you. Sometimes, we get signup at a website and now get messages from the website, just like we signed up on a forum and received answers to a question. Many useless emails are useless for me, and I delete those emails when they come.

You also face this situation if you join Moz, you may get emails from Moz. Some of them are important, but some are totally useless for us.

Many messages on a medium

When we receive too many messages on a medium luke Email, we see the same brand, same logo, same name again and again. It becomes background noise for us. Our brain starts ignoring those emails regularly and always filters to spam.

Because the mind is now identifying that brand logo and name, we already don’t care about that brand.

Messaging can’t be effectively tuned or controlled by the user

We don’t have any email control center where we can say that we need these messages, updating from a website necessary for me. So the Frequency of the messages all-time remain high and very high.

How to avoid brand fatigue

Solution and suggestions that  are vary from platform to platform.


Suppose you are going to start with Email Start very conservative and highly Personal. It’s recommended for a marketer to send messages personally to the first hundred users or more if possible.

This practice will give you a sense of what your audience likes and which type of messages they prefer. You can use different techniques and know what they need from you, what they filter, and what they care about your brand. You can watch your open unsubscribed and engagement rates through an email program.

If you see the last three emails send from you are not engaging or declined by your user, it’s time to change your Frequency and useless information.

Blog or other content platforms

If you don’t test, you will never know the limits that the audience needs from you, what frustrating them. Don’t create content unless you have feedback from users.

Keep eyes on your conversion rate, browse rate, selling products e-commerce store and subscriptions.

The job of content is not just to make unique content every day or week. The job is to succeed with the metrics that grow your marketing and grow your brand’s impact.

We can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to get feedback and data from your users.

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