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Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die

Content quality

We all know that unique old content can’t help us rank in the Search Engine. We often find many people talk about good unique content, but we do not get rankings in search engines.

But only good unique content is not enough to get rankings in the Search engine, and many other factors help achieve rankings. Search Engines measures many different elements in a website to rank first.

We have to optimize our website ten times better than our competitors by optimizing all the factors that google panda measures. Otherwise, google panda knock you out from rankings because unique content is useless for Google.

You may get some rakings with good unique content, but you will not appear in top searches and never achieve your goals.

Many websites reach a limited level of rankings with unique content, but these rankings are not good enough for a website owner, so we have to optimize other factors accordingly.

If our content is not optimized according to google’s structure, we can’t rank well in google. It’s not very easy to get a position in the first ten search results because our competitors ranking on the first page of google have old and high authority domains with optimized content.

If we are going to achieve the first position, we have ten times the best optimization for our website to achieve our goals.

Other Important Factors

We have to keep in mind many factors about Search Engine Optimization, including some listed below.

1- Experience of User

Google always likes user’s choice and give rankings to those websites that are user friendly. Therefore we have to optimize our website speed and also make the website mobile-friendly.

2-Link Building

It is not enough to build many backlinks to a page, as Google set terms about backlinks that he has to consider. We have to earn links naturally, but mostly we are building links that google even does not consider, and these links cause us to de-rank our website.

3-Rise of Content Market

The content marketing industry rise from the last few years because many people want to rank their websites in top searches, and they use different techniques to market their content and get rankings in search engines.

4-User Expectations

With the time the users’ expectations are getting high, They want to instantly load the page and try to find quick information against their queries to search Engines. They need instant answers and solutions against their questions In this situation google give results to their users according to their expectations and show very related content to users.

Analyze your competitors in detail and try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the content.

We have to create and optimize our content according to these terms. If you need rankings, we have to audit in detail and try to get natural link building. With this complete process, Rankings in Search Engines are easy.

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