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The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency

In the internet world, the length of the  blog post and frequency do not exist actually.

The content length depends on many other factors that we have to keep in mind before creating content.

In this post, we are going to discuss the length and publishing frequency of blogs or posts. If you go to google and type a question about the length of a post or blog, you will find answers like 2300 words or 2500 words are ideal.

But how can we define this average words ratio when we search something in google and google shows results in graphs and charts. How can we create 2000 plus words if we have to show information in charts?

In different situations for different topics or keywords, there are different lengths for our blogs or posts.

Firstly we have to determine what kind of keywords we are going to use in our content?

There are many types of keywords. Some are navigational, some keywords are informational, and some are transactional, some of them related to travel or maybe for other sectors. In this situation, how many words we have to carry? In a blog or post, is it necessary that we have to create content in average terms? Note that it varies from situation to situation and depends on the keywords you chose for your content.

By in-depth analysis of keywords, if we chose some keywords for rankings, how many words we have to create depends on keyword type. Some types of keywords need a lot of data, and in some types, we can answer the search query in fewer words. It’s all depends on your keyword type and situation. If we use a proper content structure and Google reads it well, then Google gives us rankings accordingly. If we create a massive amount of content in a blog or post and the data is not related to user intention, our struggle is useless. Google ranks those blogs or posts that give clear and concise information to users.

On the Google first page, you see ten results and suppose all posts are 2000 plus words if you think you can create better shorter content and willing to give complete information in your short answer with Google structure. Google gives you rankings above those posts.

We have to match our content goals with user goals, and in this way, we can determine how long a post or blog should be. If you have to answer a little easy question or have to answer a particular answer that may be in the shape of a graph, you can also get featured snippets. For that all, you no need to create lengthy content.

Content Publishing Frequency.

How many posts we have to post in a month sometimes, you find an answer may b 11 times in a month or may some other specific figure.

But there is no specific publishing frequency because it depends on your audience or varies from situation to situation.

We have to determine all the factors that we understand the length of a blog or post,

We have to post once a month, once a week, or daily we update posts or blogs in some situations.

But if you are starting a new website, it’s recommended for you to consistently upload your blog or posts because those who write more gain more.

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