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Mobile app metrics that matter

If you launch a mobile app, launch day is a big success, but it’s not an end of the struggle. It is a day to understand people’s interaction with that app. 

Mobile app analytics

Adam, the singer marketing manager of Google and Twitter, is explaining mobile app analytic here. 87% of market analysts plan to increase mobile apps because everyone prefers to work on mobile apps or websites rather than on desktops. Most importantly, most mobile app users are new, so it’s easy to make a bond between you and them, and you can know about your user no matter he is in front of the desktop or not.

Mobile app metrics

Mobile app matrices are different from web metrics. In the case of the mobile app, three are three matrices acquisition, engagement, and outcomes.

Acquisition metrics

When someone downloads an app, you want to know who is downloading your app and from which page. You also want to learn from which page you are getting quality users. Demographically are very important for acquisition. If users are coming to your web, you can get info about their emails and the source from where they are coming to be a source of information for you. Which page of your web is mostly targeted by the traffic, and how can other pages be better? Acquisition metrics can observe all these things.

Engagement metrics

If someone is coming to your web downloading app using it for a while and left it for a long time, it is a loss for a businessman. It means engagement of a web is also an essential metric. Google Analytics is an analytic app that shows many reports if some have downloaded your app but never relaunched it for an extended period. There is a visualization tool in every analytic app that will tell you how people are looking at your app or which things are displayed on the home page. There must be many screens in your apps rather than a home screen, making them fill with more interesting graphics and less theory. User drills down through these pages and uses your app instead of making it frustrating for users by many screens or phrases. It will improve engagement.


If you have succeeded in making a sticky app and a lot of people are continuously using that app, outcomes will be brilliant, and you earn more money from your web.

How to make an app sticky

If someone is downloading your app and continuing to use it, he is loyal to your app due to your good content. When many people download your apps, you will see them after some time, and they will not launch your app because they get bored of the same stuff. So what you need is to make effective changes that bring your audience back to your app. Otherwise, you can attract people to download an app by fascinating add promotions, but you can’t force them to use that app which is a failure. 

How to earn profits and in-app purchase

If someone is downloading or purchasing your app and this app is a game, then you can make money through an app AdMob by running ads during the game. If you are new, make sure don’t put too many ads that cover your content, and people get frustrated. Only put those ads which are relevant. If you have an app that is a game and people are using it with interest, then you can charge users to buy some secret chests or to unlock new things in your game.

Goal of conversion

If you are not selling anything in a game or the app just like E-Trade, you don’t know what to convert what you want from users to visit on your app. What you have to know is the source of traffic and whether your app is engaging.

Crashes and expectations

If you have an app with interesting features, then you should go through crash reports because if you have good stuff on your site, people are coming on-site, but they face a lot of crashes on your site, and they will leave your app and would not even think of coming back to your app. 

In short, no matter which tool you are using most important thing is your content.

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