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How to earn the amplification of influencers

There are many doubts in SEO marketers about influencer marketing. They thought that why Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or outreach are necessary? Why I need these platforms when my source of traffic is even not using social media.

If your customers are not on social media or are using social media, they are not following your pages. But still, you can get information about trends and choices of folks they are following on social media.

Before the internet age influencers

Before the internet age, some journalists write columns in different newspapers and magazines, and people who like their content or were impressed by them want to buy those things that were promoted by their ideals.

Social media influencers and their power

Social media influencers should be creative-minded because they need a new idea daily to attract an audience so that folks are unintentionally attracted to their posts when they see them. Now there are many social media fields, but people of old mindset at least use Twitter.

So if you share some content on social media, it could be Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or any other influencers of that media that can increase your traffic. They can increase your traffic from 100 to 1000. Because if you post something, people will merely think about to click or buy something, but if some social media influencer does this, they will surely come to the site and take it seriously. Secondly, if someone shares links to your account or page, he could be a source of increasing traffic for you.

How to get in contact with social media influencers

You can contact these persons directly or indirectly. If you know someone who is a social media influencer, you can call him and ask him to post your content on his web so people can get to know about your business, but it is a rare case. You may have some friends who know someone, and you can ask him to request an influencer for posting your content. This is also tough.

But the effective way is your content is so good that it could be a source of traffic amplification for influencers, too, then he will happily post your content on his account. The third way is you contact an influencer and ask him for some data and feedback material and ensure that you will transform his data into something more useful this is the best way to get benefits from influencers. The last thing is your work supports their work, and you have information that can help them.


A simple algorithm is if you have the same business interests, you want to promote the same thing: their belief and your mutual content will amplify traffic for both of you. Likelihood of your businesses. The last thing is your relations. If you have some personal relation to them, you can ask them to place your content on their site so that you could get sufficient traffic due to their traffic. 

With best techniques we can earn amplification of influencers easily.

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