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Links in Headers, Footers, Content, and Navigation Can Impact SEO

Which links have more weight age in search Engines? Different website pages have many ways to create links, and some make in the content of the page, some in the navigation bar. All these links do not have equal weight age. We will discuss this in detail below.

Links in navigation, content, headers, and footers have different effects for Internal and external linking for a website.

How a website passing traffic to another website or another page of the same website also counts in Google rankings.

In internal linking, there are many ways people use. Some on-page links have more value than others. If we are smart and chose best practices, we will have some benefits.

Content links: If someone has a website on kitchen accessory and under the content of page, we are interlinking under a word juicer machine that is our product stated on another page of the website. Google feels this practice real and natural because that pointing link has some interaction with that page’s content.

But if we create the same link in the navigation bar, this practice may not use as a contextual link.

Links in footers: If we create a link in the footer but don’t have this link in navigation or content, this link might not be weightful compared to the navigation and content link.

This type of link may not contain any weight age rather than just indexing.

Visible links: If we have links that are not visible or links under small and tiny fonts, they might not be accessible. These links may not carry much weight in Google rankings.

Multiple Links In a Url

If we create a link At the top of the page under navigation, we can later create that same link under related content of the same URL. Both these links pointing to the same Url, but contextual links have more weight age than navigational.

Links in footer navigation or content or footers or navigational which are valuable

If we have to choose between navigational and footer links, navigational links have more weight age than footers. But if we talk about the contextual link, it has more weight age and value than navigational and footer links.

links that open in a new tab/window or links that open in the same tab/window

Google has no interactions with that. It is our choice, but if we set it for a new window or tab, it might be useful in my point of view.

Text links or image links with alt attributes

Links under Image alt attributes also have weightage, but we see that somebody has an image on the page and a link under alt attributes pointing to another page.

We have many contextual links below under content that have more weightage, but when google reads that page, consider the first link under image alt attributes and ignore others.

same link and anchor on many or most or all pages on a website

It might be but not a best practice because if we have more domains for external links, we get better results. But we can choose the best page of a website just like if we get a link from the homepage URL of a website where all other pages of that website are already linking, it would be good.

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